Friday, September 6, 2013

Thank you, Earl of Sandwich

The governor of Texas
(dignity not intact)
I think I need to do more traveling.  The genesis of this notion is not all the lovely pictures of distant beaches, waterfalls and downtown crowd scenes I see on Instagram, not Rosie O'Donnell movies set in the Great Northwest, and certainly not the chance to see Rick Perry in his natural habitat.

It's this article on, listing the best sandwiches of all 50 American states.  My oh my, there is good eating out there in America, home of those brave enough to try Alaska's Reindeer Sausage sandwich (it looks too much like Spam for me) and free enough to love Alabama's Pulled Chicken with White Sauce (Mayonnaise, cider vinegar and maybe a little horseradish.)

I just might try making that sauce myself, but there is no maybe in my mind on the topic of horseradish, which adds goodness to everything except corn flakes.

Half smoke, fully dressed
Other notable sammies from around the US include the pride of Kansas, a Z-Man sandwich (beef brisket, provolone cheese and two onion rings), the great Reuben sandwich (corned beef, Swiss, Thousand Island dressing and sauerkraut on rye) invented in Nebraska, and D.C.'s tasty Half Smokes.  That's a sausage that looks like a knockwurst but is more like a chubby hot dog.  They are all over the place in DC and Southern Maryland, and unknown up here, 45 miles away in Baltimore, home of the Lake Trout sandwich that represents our state.  As is everything around here, it's a confusion of elements, because the fish is the ocean-going Whiting, not a trout.
Z-Man gets an A from me

Most of the sandwiches cited sound great to me; there are several variations on lobster rolls and Italian cold cut subs (or grinders or torpedoes, as they are known elsewhere).  I think we'll skip Delaware's Bobbie - roasted turkey, stuffing, mayo and cranberry sauce.  It would just make me holler like Little Richard!

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