Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Saturday Picture Show, September 14, 2013

 There's a pretty mist in the air here.  I take it that these are two Russian women gathering whatever.  I just liked the picture, although I can't begin to tell you why.
 Sometimes, when I root through the internets looking for interesting pictures, I see one and say, "Hey! (Insert name of friend) would enjoy seeing this one!"  So this is for my buddy Fran, the King of All Locksmiths.  Someone had the idea to turn a screwdriver into a key, so that someone could enjoy the feeling of driving around in what appears to be a stolen car. Just don't pull up next to any police cars, be my advice.
 Any time I post a picture of Paris, I think of my friend Carol Boone and my sister Robin Beynon, both of whom have been to Paris, the City of Light.  Enjoy this picture, ladies, sent to you from Baltimore, the City of Coors Light.
If this is not the coolest bedroom mural in the world, then I just don't know.  Calvin and Hobbes live on!


Mandy Oviatt said...

I love the Calvin and Hobbes mural I think it really says something about the comic that it still touches fans even now, many years after Bill Watterson retired the strip.

Mark said...

Mandy, my late father and I still connect through the "Prairie Home Companion" radio show, and "Calvin and Hobbes." He loved both, and he framed the final Calvin strip, in which the boy and his tiger see the world as a huge white blank snowy canvas. I have it now, and it's a favorite keepsake. I admired Watterson's wit, and his integrity for not selling out to crass commercial interests.