Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Saturday Picture Show, September 7, 2013

 I know, I know.  How many pictures of daffodil-sniffing foxes can there be?  This is the worthwhile version of Fox News.
 My friend Hazel Wood from the UK mentioned this pileup the other day on Facebook.  It's a car crash involving 130 cars.  I've studied the picture, looked over every aspect with a clear analytical eye, and have concluded that it all started because they were all driving on the right side of the road.  I hope no one was seriously hurt.
 This picture is of one of the twin towers.  Someone leaned up against the building and took the picture...12 years ago this week...
Wouldn't this one make a great wallpaper?  This is the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, which is what allows people from the big part of Maryland to go the Eastern Shore, and, eventually, the beaches at Ocean City, among others.  It is rated as one of the scariest bridges to drive over, according to a recent survey of gephyrophobics (people with a fear of driving over bridges.)

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