Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Teenage Crime Beat

Law enforcement personnel in Katy, Texas now have a second baffling question facing them.

The first, of course, is whose idea was it to name the town "Katy"?

And once that's solved, someone needs to figure out why the Catt family, lately of Katy, but formerly of Portland, Oregon, has taken to holding up banks as a form of family revenue enhancement.

Now, normally, when people enter a profession such as broadcasting, baseball, or bank robbery, they start in the smaller towns, and as they achieve greater competence and skill, move to the larger markets with the eventual goal of getting to New York or Los Angeles.

But back in Portland, there dwelled a family named Catt:  Ronald "Scott" Catt was the dad, and he had two children: Hayden, 20, and Abby, 18.  Scott's life turned bad - he left his wife after she was convicted of domestic violence, he lost several jobs, his house went into foreclosure - and the police there suspect the family of five bank heists.

This much is fact: Scott and the kids moved to Katy, where Abby Catt (tell me that doesn't sound like a movie name) continued to be an honor student and member of the swim team.  And, instead of working at Golden Corral or the Regal Multiplex 27 like most high school kids do, she ALLEGEDLY worked as wheelwoman for her dad and brother who ALLEGEDLY held up banks.  The Katy PD has video of them purchasing the same kind of vests and masks that were used as disguises in the heists.

Abby's Facebook page did not throw eagle-eyed investigators off the path.  Just claiming to work at Victoria's Secret does not fool anyone.  It's hard to get a job there.  Believe me.  It's impossible!  I know!  I applied there, and they said,"$8.50 an hour" and I said, "I can't pay you $8.50 an hour; I'll just hang around the front entrance like I've been doing."

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