Thursday, November 29, 2012

Men Men Men Men Manly Men

He's 19, which is not the same as being 9, but you'd think he would have learned a few things, being a TV star since 2003.

He's Angus T. Jones, the formerly pudgy kid who still plays Jake on "Three and a Half Men," the show that people used to watch when Charlie Sheen was in the cast.

Angus makes about 8 million semolians a year, playing the dumb kid on this sitcom.   So now he decides to act like a dumb kid in real life.

He's gotten religion, which by itself is not a bad thing at all.  But someone - possibly someone with an idea of separating young Angus from some of that money - has gotten him to talk about how bad the show is for the national health and welfare.  The show that he still appears on, you understand...

The young man who used to say all those double entendre gags on the show now gags at the idea of the show, calling it "the work of the enemy."  That is certainly a Devil-may-care stance to take, to assume that the Devil might care enough to speak to people through the words of sitcom writers.

In the Daily News article, you'll see that Angus feels compelled to tell people not to watch his show, but not compelled to walk away from his contract and stop appearing on the show.  It's sort of like someone working for a big burger-and-fries chain coming out with medical reports that warn against eating McWhoppers but adding that he will continue to fry those patties for another year or so.

The young man's parents recently broke up, and he did spend a significant amount of time in the company of Charlie Sheen, so we can look the other way while he says dumb stuff like this.

But it's dumb because he's saying it's bad for him to keep on watching the show he's going to keep on making.  He is the 1/2 man in the title, but if he ever wants to be considered a man in full, he will need to get on one side or the other of this matter.

UPDATE: You might have seen that young Mr Jones issued a retraction and apology yesterday, after someone pointed out that he has 8 million reasons for doing so. 

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