Tuesday, November 13, 2012

" 'Cause to lose all my senses... That is just so typically me."

I don't like to spend a lot of time dealing with celebrity issues here.  I mean, this ain't the National Enquirer or anything.  But this recent brouhaha involving Modern Family star Ariel Winter and her mother and her boyfriend and the rest of her family is of note because this is the sort of thing that is not limited to the characters on TV sitcoms.

In happier times
The news came out that Ariel, who plays nerdobrain Alex Dunphy on MF, suddenly left her mother's home and has moved in with her older sister, while filing papers with the court alleging that her mother was cruel and brutal.

The mom comes back, saying that Ariel is only 14 and is dating an 18-year-old and that she caught her daughter and this guy in her guest room doing something that might be a little more adult than a 14-year-old is ready to handle.

I assume the activity she caught them doing was watching the full Ken Burns 168-hour edition of The Civil War (Director's Cut).

Anyhow, the mom says all she did was lay down the law, as it were.  She probably also told the young man to put on his shoes and get walking.

The older sister says she had to leave the family home because of similar treatment at the hands of the mom, although several news sources point out that Sis didn't seem to worry so much about Ariel's welfare until all the child actors on MF got big raises not long ago.

There's also an older brother named Jimmy, who says that the mom is totally justified in making his kid sister and that if he sees that boyfriend hanging around the guest room anymore, he's gonna give him a knuckle sandwich along with a side of whoopass.

So the irony here is that Ariel plays the sweet innocent kid on tv and in real life, maybe she's not that innocent. Whoops.  Who knows?  I do think it's a shame that she has to be involved in all this drama at such a tender age.

I will also point out that the people in your life who seem to be all innocent are, some times, the ones who are living a wild life like you wouldn't believe.

And then again, some of us aren't.

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