Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday picture show 11/24/12

 Ask me what I like, and the answer will include fall days, not a whole lot of sun, changing leaves and bare trees and a country road.  If this picture had a picture of a diner in it, I'd be all set.
 On an otherwise radio talk show the other night, I heard corn described as "the best-known delivery system for butter and salt."  Around here we toss Old Bay on our corn  - either right out of the can or by smearing it off the newspaper while eating crabs - and that combination will have you in orbit for days.
 I found this online, and I have no idea in what country it was taken in.  For all I know, it was taken somewhere in a WalMart...this weekend. Or 50 years ago in in rural section of Istanbul.  Speaking of delivery systems...this poor donkey is outweighed by the packages.  I don't know why, but this makes me think of that old cartoon where a broken-down tow truck lifts itself up and drives back to the shop.  I feel sorry for this donkey.
In Wenling, Zhejiang province in China, the city planners built a nice new wide road to the railroad station.  The proverbial fly in the ointment was that two families who live in the duplex pictured above chose not to sell their house to the city, and it would seem that, without an eminent domain law as we have here, they just built the road and people will just have to dogleg around the old house.  Zhang Ling, 46, is one of the residents of the newly-formed median strip.  He said, “They didn’t offer us enough compensation to leave so we’re staying. It could be a good opportunity for us. We could open up a drive through shop on the ground floor.”

Before you stop shaking your head over this...just a mile away from us over on Joppa Rd, alongside the shopping center that they shoehorned into a residential neighborhood, fifty yards from the Steak House and not ten feet from the five-lane highway that is Joppa Rd, they are building a new house, which will have bedroom windows that doggone well better be shuttered at all times lest curious motorists get too big an eyeful.  And on Belair Rd, right behind McDonalds sits a townhouse development whose residents, if they are outside or have their windows open, are treated to the aroma of sizzlin' 1/4 Pounders and the sound of drive-thru clerks asking if they may take my order, please.

And then some of us want a cottage small by a waterfall.

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