Monday, November 12, 2012

A day to pause and thank the Veterans

Last week, when we were voting, it came to me over and over again how strong the turnout was. Statistically, it was a bit lower than the last presidential election - estimates as of now put the turnout around 60% - but the participants seem much more animated to me, and glad to be there.

Today being Veterans Day, those 4 in 10 who had better things to do on Election Day might just want to think about the men and women who have given their lives in battles around the world to create and then protect the right of all Americans to vote and decide who runs what around here.

I think it's my favorite thing about this country, that the vote cast by Donald Trump does not count for one whit more than that of a penniless struggler.  The Koch Brothers spent $400 million trying to influence this year's election, and for their time and fortune, have gone home with an empty plate.  Every vote counts, and for that, today is a good day to thank those who laid down quite a lot - in some cases, everything - to give us everything we need.

The person you hear on the radio, the guy driving that truck down your street, the woman raking her leaves over on Maple never know what they went through in the service of their country. My Dad's generation came home from World War II and, for the most part, did not talk about what they said...saw...felt. 

Ask a veteran to share.  If you're a veteran, we share our thanks to you.

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