Thursday, November 1, 2012

I vote for early voting

Last Saturday, with partly cloudy skies overhead and Sandy on our minds, Peggy and I decided to do our early voting. It was the first of six days of the chance to go to the great Honeygo Run Park and cast our ballots, as part of the great thing we call American democracy.

By the way, Honeygo Run Park is something that I like to point out to people who holler about their taxes.  Residents of our area have full, free access to all of these features:
  • Two lighted ball diamonds.
  • Three athletic fields (one artificial, two lighted).
  • A 13,000 square foot indoor recreation center.
  • A roller hockey court (lighted).
  • An ADA accessible playground.
  • Two picnic pavilions (holds maximum 60 guests).
  • Pedestrian bridge over Honeygo Boulevard.
  • 350 space parking lot.
  • An extensive path and trail system traversing most of the park's wooded areas.
It's a wonderful treasure and it's provided by the government in exchange for a few tax dollars. 

Anyway, we were an hour and a half in line to vote, or ninety minutes (sounds shorter somehow.)  No problem.  We talked to people around us, saw some friends, and had a chance to reflect on people who went to war in places all around the world - including Mississippi - to ensure the right to vote for all citizens.

In spite of the fact that I am passionately committed to the ideals and proposals of one particular political party, I really don't care how anyone else votes, but I really don't want to hear any later-on political opinions from people who don't care enough to do this little thing known as getting in line and making your choice and voice heard.

Go ahead and vote for my guy, or your guy, but please don't miss the chance to vote.  Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini didn't want you to, and many people were lost in the battles to make sure you could.

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