Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Snow problem

Here it is, October the second, and already the ads for snow blowers are blowing up the radio. 

"Don't be caught without a Sno-No-Mo' Snow Evacuator this winter!"

"They're calling for the worst winter since 2010, and you remember the twin blizzards!"

"If you don't get a snow blower now, you won't be able to drive over to Joe's Snow Hut with three feet of snow on the ground.  Buy one now, for the sweet love of all that's good and holy!"

These are the words we hear, and they are enough to put the fear of Snow into anyone so foolhardy as to allow his family to be marooned in their house for up to 20 minutes when The Big One hits this winter.  The betting is that since we hardly had any decent snow last year, and what we did get came on Halloween, we are overdue for a good dose of White Hell.

Friends, we've had major blizzards many times since I was a youngster, and each and every one of them was followed by hot sticky snow-meltin' weather within a few days.  Panic not! 

Last time, when we had the twin blizzards, we all got our driveways shoveled out and blown out and bulldozed clear, and then who was going anywhere?  The main roads were still clogged, everyone's work was closed, so why get all dressed up for a shindig that's not going to happen?

My advice is to get a snowblower if you really feel that you must, but don't give into the panic yet.  Wait until Columbus Day for that, please!

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