Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sandy Davis, Jr

Six o'clock on Sunday morning usually finds our town sleepy.  Not today though; with Hurricane Sandy on her way, we find ourselves awash in storm preparation.

It was not supposed to be this way.  Hurricane season is coming to an end this coming Thursday, but old Sandy just couldn't refrain from hanging back and making her last-minute appearance.  She is due to arrive tomorrow evening and depart by Tuesday night.  Her opening act, "Wind and Rain," should be onstage later today, then Sandy takes the main stage for her solo.

Wednesday is Halloween, and the storm is said to be a real son of a witch.  As always, Baltimore is of two minds about how to get ready.  Some worker bees have been replenishing supplies of water, batteries, flashlights and transistor radios in which to put the batteries, lashing down patio furniture and filling the Biscayne with gasoline.  Others, less worried, cling to the hopeful belief that Sandy will just blow out to sea and leave us alone.

One thing's for certain, as they always say at the end of TV news reports.  There may be coastal flooding, many people might be without electricity for quite a while, and we may or may not go through a couple of tough days...but November will be here on Thursday and if we stay safe and make wise choices, we'll be here to enjoy it.

May you have courage and be safe!

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