Monday, October 22, 2012

Ring a ding

Ever find yourself wishing for a button or an app on the phone that would cause a meltdown of the phone of the person who just called you?

I do that all the time, especially when the call is from some crackpot outfit like Americans for Prosperity (for the Ruling Class), who robocalled me last night at 8 PM.  On a Sunday. 

I have to answer just about any calls that come in because of my mom's parlous medical might always be a medical person from the senior high rise...but to get these lunatic messages from a group of disordered people is really more than I wish to handle.

This is what the AFP looks like
It's easy to get people to follow a cause like that...just question the patriotism of others and they will break their necks to proclaim their nationalistic fealty.  People with huge money at stake on the hopes that a certain "R" party will regain the White House have convinced rubes all across the nation to join this group.  Which is fine by me.  Start all the groups you want, have your meetings, fool as many people as you can.  Having people work as volunteers to make the rich richer is a perfect example.

Just don't call my home phone. Is that ok?  Does that sound fair? 

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