Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Hunker Hunker Burnin' Love

Sitting here at the old pc just as the hurricane named Sandy drags herself up the Atlantic Coast, and the next 24 hours are supposed to be a test for all of us like hell by water.  Our neighboring state of Delaware has shut down, their governor saying that the only people who are to be on the roads are essential personnel.  Our governor has asked everyone to hunker down, so here I am, a-hunkerin'. 

The radio is full of dire predictions and advice.  It's always interesting to hear them tell people to have an old-fashioned plug-in-the-wall phone to use, since when the power goes out, cordless phones are as useful as a sundial in a snowstorm, so you need the old technology after all.

Got this tip from old pal Jamie Costello at Channel 2 News here in town...fill sandwich baggies with water and freeze them for later use in the cooler.  If you look in either of our Kelvinators right now, you'll see oddly-shaped icebags keeping company with Marie Callender's turkey pot pies.  They're eying each other warily, just as we're eying Sandy, unwelcome visitor from another planet.

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