Saturday, October 13, 2012

I wear red socks because Mr Keillor does

I'm in a bit of a goofy mood as I write this.  I was up 'til all hours on Thursday night with the Orioles beating the Yankees, and then got up at the usual 0530 on Friday to be Mr Belvedere all day with the dusting and the vacuuming and the bathroom cleanser-ing and I don't know what-all else.

Skipped my nap, I did.  I went to a retirement party for Doreen, of my beloved 911 family.  She welcomed me to my first shift there back in '83 (1983, wise guy!) and she has been a stalwart there for her 30 years as a dispatcher and supervisor.  She is about as real as a person can be, and it was a pleasure to welcome her to the ranks of the gainfully retired.

But then I had to come home and watch the Orioles, and this time that mean old C.C. Sabathia beat them again, and the season ended.  But what a season, and what hopes it leaves us with for next year!

So when I opened my email, I found this link from another old buddy from 911.  If you watch the Letterman show every night and never miss the last show before Christmas, when he always has Darlene Love sing "Merry Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" and Jay Thomas helps out by telling his Lone Ranger story.

That's the link, right here, and if you're feeling blue about the black and orange today, Jay's story will perk you right up!

And then you can hear from Jerry Clower, about eating the last piece of chicken.

And a little bit of Mr Keillor's wisdom is here for us!

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