Monday, October 1, 2012

New laws affect many

Welcome to October in Maryland, when new laws take effect.  This year's grab bag of laws we are only now just hearing about includes laws that cut costs for patients undergoing oral chemotherapy, make it ok to win cash prizes in online fantasy football tournaments and give prisoners a break: they don't have to pay child support while in the hoosegow.

Also, children under 8 years old will have to do their squirming in a booster seat or child seat until they reach a certain height.  Used to be that if little Abercrombie was a bit of a beefy lad, he could roam the back seat at will, but no more. 

And this will be a big surprise to many people who no longer are allowed to drive a car in this state and have gone out and gotten motor scooters or mopeds.  As of right this minute,  motor scooter and moped operators and riders have to wear a helmet and eye protection, and those scootulators and mopeds have to be titled and insured.

So, look for a huge increase in horse sales all across Maryland, followed by a slight increase in purchases of shovels and buckets.

Same old stuff, different fiscal year.

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