Thursday, January 5, 2012

What's next?

When "they" ask how it is that Peggy and I have stayed married for all these 38 years, with no end in sight, we usually chorus back with the same answer"

"I just don't know what it's gonna be next with him/her"

We rarely agree on a thing.  There you go.  I am a lifelong liberal loonbug yellow-dog Democrat who wouldn't pull a Republican lever in a voting booth for anyone.  Never have, and never will, because you can't come to me and tell me you're from the Cheney party and ask for my vote.

Peggy generally votes for the right party, although she did say, "Well, Reagan hasn't done all THAT bad a job" in 1984 and I still agitate her on that one. 

Peggy likes Oprah.  Enough said there.

And now she likes watching "The Talk" more than I do because they replaced the wonderful Leah Remini with Cheryl Underwood, and Aisha Tyler is keeping Holly Robinson Peete's chair warm.  Aisha's ok, she adds to a conversation, but Cheryl seems to come in every day with a page full of gags and zany responses that she adds whenever she can...even if it's not germane to the issue.  

It's like this:  They'll be talking about, say,  how old a teenager should be before he or she goes on car dates, and everyone will make some good points and Sarah Gilbert will pipe up with statistics about how many people get killed in car wrecks every single day and it will all be meaningful.  And then! Cheryl will mug for the audience and say "I can't find anyone of any age to take me out in a car!"

And there will be peals of laughter, both in the audience and in my house, as Peggy dabs her eyes from the overwhelming mirthiness of it all and Julie Chen bows her head in embarrassment.  I tell you this:  the average Talk viewer thinks that Cheryl Underwood is funnier than a dozen joke books. 

And I just sit there, feeling mystified, and a little left out.  I don't get what's so funny.  

Mr Osbourne
And then there are those who find wisdom and sagacity in the words of Sharon Osbourne.  First of all, you have to listen hard to figure out just what she's saying in the first place.  Most of her sentences begin with the word "Ozzy," so there's your clue.  As in:

"Awzay 'n' Aye wet out to ditah lohst noight 'n' 'e wuz so tie-uhd, 'e pahssed oat in 'is seeoop"  which means "Ozzy and I went out to dinner last night, and he was so tired, he passed out in his soup."  

Someday I will figure out why someone would seek, let alone listen to, advice doled out by a woman who would marry John Michael "Ozzy" Osbourne, the apparently addled performer/lyricist of such lovely ballads as "Crazy Train" ("Mental wounds still screaming   Driving me insane   I'm going off the rails on a crazy train").  Peggy thinks he's great, loves his music, finds his reminiscences enchanting, and I'm sitting there going "Huh?"

Mr Nelson
However, there is an Ozzie song that I really like.  Click here to hear Ozzie Nelson and his Band do "Gee, But It's Great To Meet a Friend."  

Now, that's something to Talk about!


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Kristen said...

Wow. 38 years is a long time. It would seem your 'secret' is passion and mutual respect. You're both an inspiration.