Friday, January 27, 2012

Seal test

There's something I don't understand concerning our national adoration of celebrities, however minor.  We just can't get enough of their glamorous lives in our lives, and that seems to make us feel like part of their lives.

The most recent example that comes to mind is the widespread disbelief about the breakup of the marriage of Heidi Klum and Seal.  When I say minor celebrity, that definition fits these two perfectly, because I am certain that either of them could walk through most malls without drawing a huge crowd.  I mean, look at them: a couple of handsome people, but we've all seen people who look just like them, have we not?

This is Brad

This is I
Brad Pitt was on Fresh Air the other day and so I decided to give him a good listening-to, what with people always saying that I look so much like him and all. One point he made is that he and Angelina Jolie cannot just hop into the Studebaker and run down to Dairy Queen and JC Penney's for a root beer float and a new suit.  He said they have to plan ahead when they leave their house and have security arrangements in place before they open the front door.  And you have to figure, he can't go out and get the paper in the morning clad only in boxer shorts and a torn t-shirt.   He also said that he accepts these limitations on his freedom as being part of the life he chose, that of a celebrity. He's a very famous guy, very recognizable in public, even though he can't just stroll along with the rest of us.

But anyway, when Heidi Klum and Seal announced they were getting a divorce, they made with the usual Hollywood nonsense about how they still loved each other so very very deeply and planned to remain friends and involved in each other's lives forever.  That must be one of the advantages of being famous, because most divorced couples that I know are not exactly going off to Branson for a weekend at Mel Tillis's country music showcase or anything.  What they are doing is wondering when the ex-husband will be back with the kids, or why his mother has to butt into everything all the time. 

Here's what really puzzles me, is all the people on tv and at the Buy-Sum-Mor standing around talking about what a shock this is that these two people have decided that eight years together is more enjoyment than they can stand.  "They seemed so great together!" say people who have never been within a hundred miles of them together.  "He really loves her!" say people who can't accurately make that assessment. "She really loves him!" say their cousins. 

I understand that we "know" famous people and love the idea of having them in our lives, however distantly, but I can't figure out how we come to feel that we know them well enough to say how they feel about things.  Maybe I should call someone famous and see what they know about me!

"Hello, Newt?"


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