Thursday, January 26, 2012

Flying off the handle

Dad of Rand
Now, I'm trying to be very objective about this, but I don't fly on airplanes very often.  In fact, if you define "not very often" as "not since 1982," then it's true. I don't fly in an airplane, and not so much because I fear falling out of the sky and landing in a cornfield in Iowa.  I fear being at the airport and being in line behind a jackanapes like this Rand Paul, son of prospector Ron Paul.

It was all over the paper the other night, how Rand was in line at the airport to go to Washington to speak at a pro-life rally (and he's a libertarian, of sorts) when he was pulled out of the line because the airport screener said there was some sort of anomaly when he went through the scanner.

Hats off to the screener for not recognizing Paul, who clearly likes to be recognized. 

Anyway, instead of following the lawful directions of the airport security people, who are in place to prevent more 9/11-style hijackings, Rand Paul threw a little hissy fit and refused to be patted down. 

He refused to follow the law.

What's interesting is that he is one of the 100 people who are proud to call themselves US Senators, a group of people who fly to Washington DC and write laws.

Now, again, this is why I don't fly, because I don't want to be involved with this fool, who said that if he had been a senator in 1964 he would have had problems with Title II of the Civil Rights Act.  He thinks that if you own a bar or restaurant or oil-change drive-through, you ought to be allowed to refuse to serve people of races you find objectionable.

These Are Your Tea Party Members, folks.

But back in the day when people protested the Viet Nam war, all the "old people" over 30 took the protestors aside and wisely advised them to "change the laws first, don't break the laws!" 

Now this ophthalmologist/senator/Wallace throwback advocates breaking the laws.  And he's one of the ones we sent to DC to write them.

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