Monday, January 30, 2012

Me, a name I call myself

Nephew Jay and Niece Jamie were recently blessed with the arrival of their third child, a cute little tacker named Zachary.  So I got to thinking about how names become popular, since there was not a single Zachary in my schooldays.  

The good people over at were kind enough to provide a list of popular names for kids, and the list shows names as they increase (#2, Noah, and #1, Charlotte) and decrease (#3, Aiden and #5, Ava).  Names making their first appearance ever, or a return appearance, are also pointed out (#86 Ezra is on the list for the first time since shoes required buttonhooks, and how long has it been since you met a little girl named Hazel - #99?)

Coming in at #50, Zachary joins his brother Alexander (#9) and sister Isabella #17.

Over in the other side of the family, our nephew Drew and wife Laura have three kids: the twins Preslee and Mason and little sister Finley, none of whose names are on the list yet, but you wait - they'll be there soon.  And I have to wonder why there are so few Elvises among the young of today.  May I ask what all you young parents are waiting for?  "Elvis" is currently #858 on the US charts of baby names, having peaked at #312 in 1957.  It is ahead of "Newt," though (#958). "Mitt" is not on the list, nor should it be.

My own name?  Well, little-known fact, I was christened "Marky Mark" by the Funky Bunch, but I just go by Mark, and I'm at #154 and planning to move up again really soon.   Newborn Marks can take their names from Wahlberg the actor, Twain the writer, McGwire the steroid-assisted slugger, Ruffalo the actor and Foley, the congressman who loved reading so much that he just couldn't stop turning over pages.

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