Monday, January 16, 2012

Picture Show

You'd have had to know my grandfather, that's all I can say.  The man was amazing in his interests and abilities.  When I make a movie about my life, his part will be played by Edward G Robinson, see?  

He was always coming up with some sort of gag gift or other, and one time he gave me a hat that said "Don't Go Away Mad - Just Go Away" and I wish I still had that hat.  Not that I feel that way about most people, but it cracks me up, and every time I hear that Mötley Crüe song of the same name, it makes me smile to think of my grandfather and Tommy Lee << in the same context.

I think about that hat and the hundreds of other little gifts I got from my grandfather, many of which came in the form of jokes I still use (Pep Boys matches, Land O'Lakes butter cartons) when I think about my childhood, which took place during the years in which Dwight "Ike" Eisenhower wore baggy pants to play golf with Dick "Dick" Nixon.  I often wish that I were a kid again and know what I know now, but then again, who hasn't made that wish?  

Ike 'n' Dick
During my 911 days, I was fortunate enough to make friends with a nice co-worker named Hazel, who had a little baby named Ashlee.  Ashlee had a baby four months ago, a wonderful little angel named Cole, and yesterday in the mail, here came an envelope addressed to me and Peggy bearing a card that said "Love" and a picture of the baby inside. 

Just a photo of a lovely little baby boy, sweet and pure, and it brings so much joy to Peggy and me to see him smiling and happy in that picture, which took a place of honor on our refrigerator near the Ring Lardner quote ("They gave each other a smile with a future in it") and photos of other people we love.  I wish him sunny days and happy nights and lots of love and laughs.  When he gets to be my age (the year will be 2061!) he will know that you need to have plenty of both,  and I have a feeling he does.

Thank you Ashlee.  We love the picture, and we love all of you!

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