Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Stay Home!

I'm no world traveler.  I can hardly be considered a United States traveler, but it's just not my thing to traipse off to distant lands just to unpack my suitcase and load it up with tiny samples of shower gel, shampoo and mouthwash.

Although I do treasure the shower cap we got in Williamsburg, because it came in a little box that said, in that bilingual manner we have all come to love: SHOWER CAP / CHAPEAU DE DOUCHE

Anyway, here is what I don't get, to tell you the truth.  I am writing this on Monday morning, a few hours before the Amanda Knox verdict is to come in.  I don't know whether or not she is guilty as sin or innocent as an angel.  It does seem apparent that she went to Italy to study and got involved with some people who are into some pretty weird stuff.  I mean, just to read that Amanda and her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito were smoking hashish and reading his collection of sexually explicit comic books makes this sound like a bad 60's movie.  By the time this blog gets blogulated, I guess we'll all know what the Italian court has decided for Amanda.

And then we have the three young Americans who decided to go hiking in Iran, and wandered over the border into Iraq.  Bad idea.  After a couple of years in the friendly confinement of an Iraqi jail, they are home and free, but really, was it worth it?

If you just absolutely must travel to foreign countries, take it from one who hasn't: don't get involved with weirdos and their sex games, and don't go hiking within 100 miles of any border of any country where the people just can't stand Americans!  There are plenty of local American weirdos to get involved with right here, just a phone call away. 

No, I do not have that number. 


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A good one Mark.

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I like it! I like it! I got the number on my wall!