Wednesday, October 5, 2011

He's so doltish, I could cry

"I hear America singing," said Walt Whitman,"the varied carols I hear..."  The great thing about this country is that we are all part of a huge chorus, and we can sing any carol we want to.  

Well, sir, that also means that we believe in free speech.  So I have absolutely no issue with what Hank Williams Jr said the other day, stupidly comparing our noble president with the Worst Person Who Ever Lived, A. Hitler.  And I don't blame his lack of formal education for his math problems, as in calling Messrs. Obama and Biden "The Three (sic) Stooges."  

It looks like old Hank got his drawers in a wad over the president playing golf with John Boehner, but I don't know.  Last time I checked, the president is free to golf with whom he desires, and that's why no one should have been all teed off about it. The man who calls himself 'Bocephus' was busy making a bocephus of himself the other morning on the FOX news.  Even the people on that channel were sort of shaking their heads at him.

It must be tough, being the famous son of a famous man, and having about 1/10th the talent.  For what it's worth, even though Junior here did not excel in writing country songs and singing them, he was at least smart enough to get songs written by others and sing them acceptably.  And he was among the first to do a country-rock fusion sort of music.  But his daddy used to end his radio shows, promising to be back next time "if the Good Lord's willin' and the creek don't rise."  Hank Sr saw no need to muddy the waters by exercising his free speech jaw muscles.

For the record, yes, absolutely, HW Jr has the total right to speak his mind.  Also, for the record, ESPN has the total right to speak their minds and tie a can to him.  I know I have quoted my sainted father in this space a thousand times, but here's another one he brought home from the WWII Navy (along with a flashlight that still works and a Japanese mess kit): "They can't make you do it, but they can make you wish you had."  The concept of prior restraint means that no one is about to tell the son of the greatest country songwriter that he can't open up his gaping maw and let the dumb flow out.  

But now that he's crawling, don't you think he wishes he had just stfu'ed the other morning?

Here is his latest epistle to the masses, right off his website:

Thanks To My Supporters

“I have always been very passionate about Politics and Sports and this time it got the Best or Worst of me. The thought of the Leaders of both Parties Jukin and High Fiven on a Golf course, while so many Families are Struggling to get by simply made me Boil over and make a Dumb statement and I am very Sorry if it Offended anyone. I would like to Thank all my supporters. This was Not written by some Publicist.”  -- Hank Williams Jr 

Hank, we were pretty sure that it wasn't...

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