Sunday, October 16, 2011

No happy ending for this story

Crime marches on, according to my local Patch
 Baltimore County police shut down an unlicensed massage parlor on Harford Road in Parkville Tuesday evening and arrested a New York woman inside the business charging her with prostitution, according to police spokeswoman Elise Armacost. 
Li Wang, 38, of Flushing, NY,  was arrested and charged with a violation of massage therapy law and two counts of prostitution, Armacost said. Wang is free on $5,000 bond.
Police executed search warrants at two locations, the massage parlor and an undisclosed address related to the business.  Police also found and seized what Armacost called a "sizable amount of cash."
The unlicensed massage parlor was operating on the second floor of a building at 8910 Harford Road.
"We expect more arrests to come out of this investigation," Armacost said.
"We know there have been concerns in the neighborhood about this establishment, and we’ve been anxious to take action against it," Armacost added.

Of course, all those who live in the throbbing Harford Road corridor have been for some time rubbed the wrong way by the presence of a massage parlor in their neighborhood. 

But here is some advice for those planning to open another Handjob Hilton: try a last name different from "Wang."  Believe it or not, the names of the people involved in a business have a lot to do with how long that business will be around! There was a driving school near there for a while, but no one wanted to send their kids to learn to drive at Rex Carr's School of Driving. Dr Butcher, the surgeon, did not fare well either in our town, and the Russian mani-pedi shop owned by Natasha Kutchahandov  was out of business in short order too.

Just a little free advice from the Bitter Bidness Bureau.

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