Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sweet Irony of Life

It's quite possible that at exactly the moment you are reading this, I am being stuffed into a metal tube.

"At last!" came the cry from the many who have longed to see me encapsulated and shipped off to parts unknown. And perhaps this will stir memories of the time I Trojan-Horsed my way into the Girls' Locker Room by having some of the guys in my gym class in senior year roll me into a wrestling mat which was to be stored in the hallway leading to the Girls' Locker Room...but that's another story for another hearing.

Today is MRI Day and I am somewhat apprehensive, being claustrophobic and all. So last night, enjoying a nice dinner with The Amazing Peggy, we were watching the beloved sitcom "King of Queens,"
and it just so happened that Doug was forced to undergo an MRI, and as he was rolled into the metal cylinder, the noises started up and he howled like Limbaugh at a vegan-only banquet.
This is not I. But isn't it good to know these things are made by GE? I've always been a big fan of their light bulbs.

You have to like that sort of irony. And now I'm thinking...maybe it will take TWO techs to get me into that Horrible Tunnel...one named Hansel, the other, Gretel.

More tomorrow!

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