Friday, February 19, 2010

Dr Howard, Dr Fine, Dr Howard!

As much fun as the MRI was last week, the fun is just beginning. My doctor called me today and said that my nerve root is severely compromised because of a broken-off chip from my L4 disc. Chances of getting past this without surgery are about the same as Sarah Palin getting to the final round of Jeopardy - the real version, not the celebrity version - without getting to write crib notes on her greasy palm.

So next week I have to go meet the doc and have the sawbones take a look at the MRI films with me and see what we're gonna do about this thing. I will be glad to post the date of surgery well in advance so that any floor nurses at Good Samaritan Hospital can arrange their schedules accordingly. They might want to be off for however long Mr Rings-For-The-Nurse is going to be there.

Meanwhile, I'm getting good at an old favorite:


Ralph said...

Sorry you just face the scalpel and saw, Mark, but happy a cause and remedy are available.

Peggy said...

I've always loved that game "Operation"! That'll be the expression on your face Friday!!