Sunday, February 14, 2010

Super Boller

Reading about Valentine's Day (also known as "Valentime's Day") I found this old English superstition:

If a woman sees a robin flying over head on Valentines Day she will marry a sailor. If she sees a sparrow, she will marry a poor man, but be happy. If she sees a goldfinch, she will marry a millionaire.

You might remember a guy named Kyle Boller, who played quarterback for the Ravens. An earnest young man of good intentions, he nonetheless spent most of his time chasing after footballs he had just fumbled, tripping over his own feet, and throwing balls to people wearing jerseys unlike his.

But now, Kyle, content in a backup role for the hapless St Louis Rams, is all set to marry the lovely Carrie Prejean, the de-tiara-ed beauty contest winner who started such a commotion with her rants against the rights of others to marry whom they damn well pleased. Even though she wouldn't want you to marry a same-sex partner, let's all wish these two a happy Valentine's Day. And Carrie, watch him walking down the aisle. He's a bit clumsy.

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