Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Soupy Sails

We had leftover rotisserie chicken from Sunday, and heating it up again was only going to make it even more dry. (I am not a huge fan of chicken breast meat for that reason.)

So I remembered what our friend Gail said to do, and I made Kwik 'N' E-Z chicken soup!

I diced an onion and several carrots and sizzled 'em in the bottom of the big stock pot. Then I added a package of stir-fry vegetables and stirred that in with the frying onion and carrot. When the veggies were nicely done, I tossed in a couple of cans of lo-sodium chicken broth and let it come to a boil, along with some water and spices (herbs de Provence, which my sister brought us from France, and parsley, from the Dollar Tree, along with a pinch of this and a dash of that from the spice rack).

When everything was bubbling away, I tossed in the diced-up chicken and a package of bow-tie noodles...sort of a salute to Pee Wee Herman. Back to boiling for 15 minutes, then I let it simmer while I tossed some Jiffy® Corn Muffins into the silicone muffin pan we bought at Tuesday Morning one Sunday Afternoon. When the muffins were done to a golden brown turn, I served the soup to the tumultuous applause of my lovely bride of 36 years, whose birthday draws near.

Which reminds me of the two sage pieces of advice offered to me by my late father, who was my polar opposite in demeanor, since he rarely spoke, and when he did, it was always something profound and meaningful. He told me the following great maxims:

- - Never get involved with a community improvement association

- -Never give your wife a gift of something that has an electric cord

He also told me that the first time I would feel old would be the first time a police officer called me sir. It happened when I was maybe 36, sitting in front of K-Mart while Peggy ran in and got something, and a cop wanted me to move my truck out of the front of the store, but he said, "Can I get you to move along, sir?"

I immediately went home, sent for information about the AARP, and scheduled a colonoscopy.

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