Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mama Weer All Crazee Now

Well, old Andy Warhol was on to something when he opined that everyone would be famous for fifteen minutes. Somewhere in Colorado, both a prosecutor and a t-shirt manufacturer are wondering what the heck happened to all the people getting fired up over Balloon Boy and his schemin' demon Daddy.

Now those whackjobs are last month's news and here comes America's new favorite fun couple...
TV's entire Salahi family. That's Ozzie on the left, and Harriet on the right. The more you read about these people, the more you feel sad about people whose mission in life is all about becoming famous. One stroll through the ocean of muck on her Facebook page is enough to make you pull neck muscles, you'll be shaking your head in such violent disbelief. In fact, belief is not something you ought to lend to her; you'll never get it back. She claims to have been a Redskins cheerleader, and was not one. She claims to have been invited over for supper, and she was not. Hey - maybe that Joe Wilson guy (R.,SC) could stand outside of her house all day and all night hollering, "You lie!" Be nice for him to be right, at long last.

Back to the Facebook you: you see her "In action in and around DC." She actually states "I hope you will join me at the next featured event I support or endorse in the Washington DC region." She namedrops like the names were burning hot pokers, and there is no celebrity this side of David Hasselhoff with whom she will not pose, towering over most of them.

But when you read the articles such as this one in the Washington POST, you wonder how people have the time to be so involved with a huge family feud over a bankrupt winery, promoting some sort of polo tournament (now there's a idea whose time has truly come, eh, Chauncey?) and wanting to be on reality tv shows. Hey, that's where those goofball parents in Colorado came into the picture!

I worry all the time about some Lee Harvey Jr. hurting the president - or worse. This nonsense, these effete, shallow Salahis, are amusing for a few minutes until one realizes that they could just as easily done Mr Obama harm. We pay the Secret Service to protect the president and we should expect better from them than embarrassment and promises of looking into this breach.

And meanwhile, speaking just for myself, but remember, my name is Legion, I hope you will join me at the next featured event I support or endorse in the Washington DC region. It's a trial to make these people accountable for their conceit and deceit. Let's not forget about them like we did Balloon Boy.

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