Friday, December 11, 2009

Numbers Game

The other morning on the TODAY show, there was a panel discussion of the relevant topics of the day. There was a man who hosts an early morning talk show, a woman psychologist, and a woman who is a numerologist.

Now, you have to figure that a guy who does a talk show on MSNBC is, at least, up on the issues, and surely a psychologist brings a lot to any discussion of why we do what we do. To tell you the truth, I'm not even sure what the main topic was. It might have been TV's entire Salahi family being discussed, for all I know.

The point is, it so stunned me that people were including the viewpoints of someone who analyzes people by the amount of letters in their names in a serious discussion of anything, that I couldn't focus on what was being said by the two people on the panel whose opinions might have mattered.

Numerology, like its cousin astrology, is based on data flawed by too much extrapolation. For instance, consult this handy chart:

Mike Tyson June 30 5 1
Mark Clark June 30 5 0

I quickly Googled numerology, and there's a sentence that would have had you sent off for observation 20 years ago! Here are my scores, courtesy of :

Name number - 5 (Relates to how I express myself in the many outer experiences of my life.)
And my score means: expansion, change, adventure, speculation, visions, growing, evolution, curious, active, resourceful, struggle against limits, steady growth, a foundation.

Destiny number - 7 (Also known as "Life Path" or "Birth Path", this number remains constant in my life (doesn't change with marriage, initiation, etc.). It tells a lot about why I am here on Earth and what I am meant to accomplish.) And my score means: philosophical, quiet, analytical, introspective, understanding, intuitive, inspirational, reclusive, knowledge, awareness, studious, meditating.

Personality number 11 (This number is derived from the consonants in my name and relates to the practical side of my life, such as career and personal relationships.) And my score means mass communication, group effort, intuition, cooperation, impersonality, higher spiritual plane, intuitive, illumination, idealist, a dreamer.

Soul urge 3 (This number is derived from the vowels in my name and relates to the subjective, inner aspects of my life.) And my score means intelligent, communicative, social, learned, creative, diversified, dramatic, expressive.

And I'm not about to sit here and be called any of those names! I'm too busy trying to cheer up my soul urge, which is disconsolate over receiving such a low score!

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