Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm stupid, so help me


Gunfire broke out early Sunday morning during a birthday party at a downtown Baltimore hotel and three people were critically injured, police said.

A police spokesman says a person of interest in the shooting is now in custody.

Officers were called to the Sheraton Baltimore City Center Hotel around 3:15 a.m. after a fight erupted inside the party and someone began shooting. Shortly after police arrived, they found an Uzi submachine gun in a room where the party was held.

One person was shot in the head and another one was shot in the torso, both of them were taken to the University of Maryland Medical Center's Shock Trauma Center, police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said. The center's nursing coordinator, Henry Paje, said the two were in critical condition.

Guglielmi said a third person had "facial lacerations" and was in critical condition, but he did not know where that person was being treated.

So, I'm dumb. I need to have it explained to me why someone is carrying around a Uzi submachine gun at all, much less taking one to a holiday party in the city.

And just for the sake of the discussion, if I say that I'd be willing to come out in favor of people being able to own guns for hunting and whatnot (and I'm only saying that for the sake of engendering a discussion with a gun proponent) would one of you Hestonites who so love the NRA and totin' pistols, long rifles and Uzis be willing to say maybe we could ban submachine guns on the streets of a great city?

That might be a start, but I don't think I'll find any takers. Believers in guns seem to think it their birthright to possess any sort of weapon under the sun to blow holes in anything they wish to see perforated, and they hide behind a poorly-worded passage in the Constitution that does mention membership in a well-regulated militia, but never mind that.

So come on and tell me why people should be carrying this sort of insane weaponry around in the streets. Please. Maybe I'm missing some vital reason.

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PandorasInk said...

We should not have the right to own guns taken away. The only people who will then have them are the ones who get them illegally and then what.
But I agree- who the heck needs to carry an uzi around? That's messed up.