Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cold Front

I may have told you this before, but it would appear that I have seasonal affective disorder - in reverse. Whereas some people are bummed and saddened when they days grow short and gray and cold ( e.g. December), I view these days with alacrity! I love a gray rainy day; throw in some snow and temps around 30° and I am happy. The shortest day of the year - December 22 - is a big thrill for me.

They sell special sunlamps for people who hate the short days, so that on December 22 they can pretend it's August 1. What do they sell for me to use on August 1 so I can fake like it's December 22? Oh yeah - the walk-in cooler over at Buy - n - Guzzle Liquors! But they look at me funny when I wear a knit stocking cap and wool scarf. It's August, after all.

You give me a day when I can wear my Carhartt® Blanket-Lined Chore Coat, a stocking cap, wool sox and leather gloves, and I won't ask for more. I do understand that it's not to everyone's liking to have weather like that. Judging from the amount of disbelieving stares I get when I ramble on about how I love the chill, I might be the only American who feels this way.

But I have to come, if everyone likes it so hot, everyone turns on the Chillsworth Inc. Air Conditioner the second the temp passes 70° in springtime?

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