Monday, December 21, 2009

To the Victor

I know I keep talking about this movie, but only once in a generation does there come a cinematic experience that is at once to transform a generation, yea, all of mankind. And of course, that movie is Jackass.

Whoops! I did it again. No, that singular film experience is Point of No Return. And there is a part in that story for Harvey Keitel, who plays "Victor the Cleaner" (not to be confused with "Victor the Newman" from Young and Restless). Bridget Fonda and one of her colleagues have a little trouble trying to do a job on this one guy, and when things get botched up, the big shots call in The Cleaner.

Now, I know that there is a huge gap between real life and what we see in the movies, except that I'll be doggoned if a lot of people I see in movies don't remind me a lot of a lot of people I see at the movies. But how great would it be if we all had a backup guy like Harvey Keitel who, with just one phone call, would show up with gallon jugs of who-knows-what, more weaponry that Khaddafi, and the cold-blooded sang froid (is there any other kind, really?) to just come in, take control of the situation, and worry about taking down names later? And how great would it be to have that job?

Just remember what Maggie (Ms Fonda) said all the time:" I never did mind about the little things." Good advice! If you heed it, you won't need the cleaner. Stay happy. Nothing is as huge tomorrow as it seemed yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

Hey wasn't Harvey Keitel the cleaner in Pulp Fiction as well?