Thursday, November 26, 2009

Put down the keyboard, hand me my mic Here's my poem about the things I like!

Time for me to say my thanks
for Presley, Elvis and Zappa, Frank.
For cool winter mornings and shady summer days
And because “things just turn out that way,”
For friendships and pizza and multi-grain bread
And that certain Love song that gets stuck in my head
For red pickup trucks and Friendly Farm ducks!
Plaid shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, Jami Gertz
Hominy grits, hominy canned, bacon bits and peace in the land
Garrison Keillor, none of the Steelers, and Blaze Starr, Baltimore’s favorite peeler
Cal Ripken, Junior and Cal Ripken, Senior, both high on the list:
and have your seen your
Señor Wences puppet (check the end of your wrist!)
Stewie Griffin, Stuart Little, R.C. Owens, Y.A. Tittle,
God-daughter, great nieces, great nephew and kin
What an encompassing family we’re in!
Coffee and iced tea, cold beer in a glass
With a Domino’s flatbread, what more could I ask?
And speaking of tea, my favorite must be
The brand called Punctuali- (see?)
Christmas lights, snowy nights, peace on earth, heavyweight fights,
Johnny Knoxville, Memphis Slim, Cleveland Brown (we’re missing him)
Red fire engines, Richard Benjamin, Paris Hilton’s fitness regimen,
Newspapers, New Yorker, Timonium Fair,
Bing Crosby, Bing cherries, ribs (short, and spare)
Laughing at Bam and Nigerian e-scams,
Early Beatles, Buddy’s Crickets, Mr Dylan: that’s the ticket!
For computers that work, and lies that don’t, and Willie Clinton (I bet he won’t)
Digital cameras, mp3s, Olbermann nightly on the tv,
70's songs that still mesmerize, and the great Dr Connolly who Doctors My Eyes,
Shopping for lip balm, always a thrill; when a duck waddles in, put it on his bill!
homemade granola, jukebox Rock-Ola, I went cold turkey on the old Coca-Cola,
magnets and flashlights and heavy key rings: (keys are a few of my favorite things!),
Peggy’s hugs and Peggy’s kisses,
It’s no mystery: she’s my Mrs!
DVRs and VCRs and free salad bars,
iPods, cell phones, pea pods and ringtones,
poems without meter, scan or good rhyme
Just like this Thanksgiving doggerel: mine!

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