Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Poll Dancing

Yesterday, several states and localities held off-off year elections, with gubernatorial positions up for grabs in New Jersey and Virginia, and local races all over - including the infamous 23rd Congressional district from New York state, a seat that has been held by a republican since 1871, often with the assistance of Art Linkletter. (Art's still with us at 97, you see; that's the gag.)

But, Brian Williams was saying on the news last night that the pollwatchers weren't so certain there would be much of a turnout for this election. He said that last year's presidential election brought out an unprecedented amount of people who had not been inclined to cast their ballots before, and it did not seem that they would turn out yesterday.

I reject the notion that many people use, that they didn't vote because "they're all bums, so what's the use?" I think that people like to use that canard because they just don't feel like going to the polls. I mean, it's inconvenient, sure. You might miss Regis and Kelly or Gulla-Gulla Island on tv, you might have to leave home a few minutes early or be an extra ten minutes getting home, and you might just have to park your car and walk into the church hall or fire house or school lobby or senior center and wait in line for a little while to vote for the candidates upon whom you have settled after hours of reflection and investigation and decision.

I would point out that many people who classify themselves as patriotic and will stand for the Star Spangled Banner and fly the flag on holidays and listen to bloviating talk show hosts fly in the face of all they say they stand for when they dishonor the memory of those who have fought - and died - in combat in this country and abroad by failing to vote. It's a precious thing, suffrage, and if you read the article in this week's New Yorker about the deprivations forced upon the people of North Korea at the hands of dictators, you'll appreciate living in this country a lot more.

And that's coming to you from the most liberal person you'll likely ever meet!

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PandorasInk said...

Ugh, our favorite lost last night in Frederick to a real jerk- by a mere 210 votes. What's worse is that only 22% of registered voters turned out to vote. PATHETIC! I really reallyreally really really hate people today.