Friday, November 6, 2009

4 and 20

So there's this store 1/2 way on my trip to and from work; I pass by it all the time. They would want me to mention their name.

The whole point of the store is that they sell "420" supplies and gear.

Now, if you're not hip to what these hepcats are putting down, let me clue you in, Daddy-O. Seems that 420 is the California penal code for marijuana offenses, so avid hopheads have adopted that as their pet number.

I've never been in the store. I have no more use for it, or for dope, than I would a store that sells equipment for eye surgeons, bingo supplies or tofu chunks. But it makes me wonder.

If the entire point of the store, all of what I imagine their inventory to comprise - tshirts with photos of Bob Marley, rolling papers, pipes, screens, posters that glow in the night, patchouli oil, one supposes - is based on the love and consumption of cannabis, that would be about the one commodity that you WON'T find there. So imagine a hardware store where they sell you everything but hardware! A grocery store where you can't find any food for sale! A McDonald's with no burgers!

One imagines that the staff at this store would tend to be consumers of weed, but they surely can't do it on the job. Much as you expect the clerk at Home Depot to be able to help you choose a toilet tank flapper, or a librarian to recommend a nice anthology of verse suitable for a book report due tomorrow (hint: avoid Eliot!) or a sommelier to help select a perfect sommel (bad joke alert!), you would have to have some experience in the field of rolling giant spliffs and sparkin' up doobs to work at this place. You have to wonder how the job interviews are conducted. And of course, all major business and marketing decisions must be made within the proverbial smoke-filled room.

Having a 420 store must be like driving a red Corvette with "Catch Me if You Can" painted on the trunk lid past a highway patrol car. You're asking to be checked out by the law.

Again, I have nothing to do with this store, and it really shouldn't interest me so much, but to have a commercial venture totally revolving around illegal activity makes me shake my head as I drive by.

Do you smell something funny?


PandorasInk said...

There's 2 of these stores in downtown Frederick, exactly 1 storefront away from each other. One's been in business for several years, the other for a few. They're very strict rules- they will kick you out, nothing personal!- immediately if you say the word 'bong'. It's a waterpipe ya see. Everything there can be, I'm sorry- IS only, used for tobacco. We love these stores. We were just in one last night. Oh, have I said too much? LOL :) Anywho, I can answer any and all of your questions related on such retail establishments. :->

Cindy said...

Good Ole..... BEAVS!!!!