Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Golden Oldie

I think that just about every pc has Windows Media Player pre-loaded. I might be wrong, but every time I turn around and see someone's new pc, WMP is on there.

If you click on the Media Guide button, you are transported to a veritable smorgasbord of things to listen to and watch. Then if you hit "internet radio," you can select one of 36 genres, and from there, just go to town.

As a young man interested in radio, I would sit up all night listening to AM stations from all across the Eastern and Midwest US and Canada. It would be a thrill to hear WCFL Chicago..WOWO Ft Wayne...CKLW Bristol Ontario...and other rock and roll blowtorches of the era.

Now you can listen right on the computer, but radio is not the same. The deejays are told what to play and what to say, and everything is all corporate and sterile. But I find things like the BBC talk shows and an all-comedy internet station.

Which is where I heard this joke from Billy Crystal:
"These video stores, they're everywhere now! A woman comes home late one afternoon, her husband says, "Honey, where you been?" She says "I was at the doctor and the video store." He says "What do you have?" She says "Cystitis and Amadeus" He says "Cystitis and Amadeus, is it serious?" She says, "Yes, in parts, but the music's really lovely!"

See, if radio was the way it used to be, I wouldn't have had to hear that again!

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