Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Saturday Picture Show, June 24, 2017

Baltimore is and always will be the greatest town in America, which is a country that is currently great, always has been, and always will be. This is a bus bench, and the reason no one was sitting there when the picture was taken is that the buses come along every three minutes without fail.
I assume these are more for decoration than for swimming with, but it's a way to fill the pool if not enough people show up for the party.
Maybe this is a sculpture in Venice, or maybe a giant was drowning in Venice and trying to get up on land. If that joke was too awful, please accept my gondolances.
Salvador Dali was that artist who painted clocks melting on tree branches and was always available to be photographed walking an aardvark. I don't see what's artistic about dragging this poor animal away from his uncles and ants.
Winston Churchill is said to have consumed 42,000 bottles of champagne in his life, and so in 1932 he needed a prescription from a doctor to keep the hooch around during America's unsuccessful period of Prohibition (which ended in December, 1933.) Churchill also is said to have said, "Reality is a hallucination caused by lack of alcohol in the blood." Born in 1874, he lived until 1965, so there you go.
Scrooge McDuck. People who love money this much should drown in it.
It's instinctive for mama cats to clean their kittens. Don't even try to get in the way.
This reptile recommends that you eat more citrus. I wouldn't argue.

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