Monday, June 12, 2017

Raise high the roofbeam, carpenters, and HURRY!

I was coming from that most dreaded early-morning task - having blood taken for a physical BEFORE breakfast - and I saw a sign from above that meant, to me, that Heaven was rewarding me for being a big boy and not whining (too much). That sign read: WAWA COMING SOON.

I drive past the construction site now and then, and holler at the workers to encourage them to step up the pace a little. After all, the faster they build it, the sooner I will have my hands wrapped around Wawa Shorti Hoagies and breakfast Sizzlis.

Up in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, you can't swing a tire chain without hitting a Wawa, which is a convenience store with eats and drinks fit for the gods and over 700 outlets in six very lucky states.  They are very popular up in New Jersey, so much so that a man named Mike Han decided to name his store Dawa. Or not. Han claims that he was not trying to co-opt the beloved Wawa name, and just using a word in Korean that means "come in, you're welcome here."
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Heaven right here on earth

Well, there was a flurry of court activity about all this, and Han has agreed to change the name of his store. Wawa spokeswoman Lori Bruce said that the company has an obligation to protect the brand name and ensure consumers aren’t confused, and added that they tried to convince Han to change the name without getting all legal up in his grille.  But going to the court is what it took, after all. 

"We wish them nothing but success,” Bruce said. “Just without our name included."

Wawa’s name comes from the Lenape tribe’s word for Canada goose.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go get some new clothes so I can be ready for the grand opening of Wawa on Joppa Rd. I think I'll try J.C. Denney's or Dordstrom.

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