Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Saturday Picture Show, June 10, 2017

We used to rent an apartment that had one of these latches, but in those days, you just slid the chain and unhooked it. I don't know if I'd care to be solving this maze if I were trying to leave in a hurry.
In this fanciful painting, we are to believe that Mr and Mrs Cat are out for a cup of coffee. Everyone knows they prefer tea!

A woman at work was always reading these bodice-busting novels, always with three-word titles such as "By Love Possessed," or "Torn With Desire."  People in them were always yielding to the stirrings deep within themselves, or scaling peaks of ecstasy. Not without a helmet! 
I have not solved for "X" since College Algebra (and chances are, I didn't solve for it there!) Math lovers will tell you that we use algebra without even realizing it, and I wonder "Y."
Early June is when China administers the National Higher Education Entrance Examination. It's a big deal there; a high score entitles a student to entrance into a university, and a chance at prosperity, while a poor grade dooms a student to a life outside the realm of success, and often leads to depression and suicide. So high is the stress that ambulances are stationed right outside schools to deal with people who lose consciousness during the tests.
I've always loved paisley for its rich colors and patterns.
For those who like to repurpose old things, consider the 1970 Milwaukee Brewers, who had been the 1969 Seattle Pilots, a failed expansion team. But the league didn't move the team until about five minutes before the new season began, so they ordered new hats, removed the Pilots wordmark from the jerseys, and stitched BREWERS on the shirts. Cheap, cheap, cheap.
American cereal manufacturers have to load up the corn flakes with sugar, salt, tapioca, and malt flavoring, or the kids won't eat it. Another trick is to sell the cereal with cartoon characters such as Captain Crunch, or the adorable offspring of a tiger, who, in the real world, would rather eat you than a bowl of this non-nutritious junk. This is from 1952, so this did not just start the other day. And by the way, Captain Crunch never served a day in the Navy.

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