Thursday, June 8, 2017

Say what?

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He thinks there's a country called "TanZAYNia"
The old radio announcer guy in me fumes and seethes about people on radio and TV who mispronounce words. I mean, for most people, it's their own choice to pronounce things correctly, but ever since I heard a news anchor say, "It's important to pronounciate things right!" I have fulminated and chafed about this vexing problem.

And it reached an apogee of aggravation when I heard someone say something was "aggavating," and when I heard POTUS45 and every single man and woman on the air say that it's "infastructure week." You all run along; I'll just be back here, inserting the first of three r's into infrastructure.

I don't mean to be preachy, but I do take you more seriously when you say things correctly.  My free idea: you know how, when we're typing a text and spell something wrong, a red line appears under the word, encouraging us to try again?

How about a device that makes a red line appear in the air in front of our mouths when we SAY something wrong?

The air would be filled with red when we ask the restaurant server for "Workestersheer" sauce for the fith, sixt, or twelth time, and awful words excape our lips! It can be very fusstrating, expecially for members of the Clue Klux Klan who are also loyers, trying to file addidavids on a snowy Febuary morning.

Later, over lunch at the athaletic club (tuner salad sammidges with mannaise, and sherbert or Eyetalian ices for dessert, with assorted amond or peecan tarts and gooey carmels), we could have disgust the meeyuns and beeyuns of other mangled words we hear, until one of us gets all mischievious and comes down with respitory failure.

On the way out, let's ax the server for a couple of expressos. That's just the perscription. I guess I get the pitcher now, or else it's just a mute point.

I feel bettor now.

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