Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Saturday Picture Show, May 13, 2017

Those old enough to remember the days when NBC-TV had a peacock as the logo they showed just before a show was broadcast in color can look at this and see that THEIR cartoon bird was much more varied in color than Percy, here.
Most people simply have the plumber haul the old fixtures away when the new ones are installed. Most people.
Thunderstorm season is approaching, and so is my annual hunt for the best photograph taken by a person who should have been inside and safe instead of fooling around with their camera.
I like how the sun plays against the weeds here.
David Allan Coe had a great song a few years called "Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile," and there have been so many songs written about this lady's smile over the years that I just don't know what, except that she looks like she smiles like she doesn't want you to see her choppers.
This is a very suggestive picture. Just looking it, I want to sneeze.
This one goes way back to when color photography was new and archery was still popular. 
These are sights you'll see in Baltimore's Inner Harbor, a tourist attraction if ever there was one. This Barnes & Noble was once a power plant a long time ago, and my Dad worked there in the early years of time with Baltimore Gas and Electric. I think it's appropriate for a book lover such as he was that it's a bookstore now!

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