Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Chalk talk

Because there seems to be no limit to the ability of some people to hurt other peoples' feelings, let's take a moment to think about the act of stringing a noose at a middle school.  

For the benefit of those unaware, a noose is a rope used to hang people...lynch they used to do in the days when hatred was still legal. 

The very notion of placing a noose on a light fixture at a school is an act of emotional intimidation that deserves major punishment, and a good deal of counseling for both victims and perpetrators.

So it was that a couple of galoots fashioned a noose and placed it on the Crofton Middle School, down in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.  The disgusting twine was found Thursday morning and taken down by school staff. Because the yahoos who ALLEGEDLY did this were so brilliant as to allow security cameras to get frame-worthy video of them, they were rounded up on Friday and identified as Connor Charles Prout, of Crofton, and John Adam Haverman, of Pasadena by county police. These two ALLEGED wrongdoers were charged with two counts of trespass, and one count each of disturbing school operations and disorderly conduct — disturbing the peace, police said.

Over the weekend, a movement grew, a groundswell of love and encouragement grew for the children who attend CMS. Parents and neighbors thought of the best way to reassure the students - and the community at large - that people like the jokers who did this are not the majority.

So, on Sunday, people went to the school and drew on the sidewalks with colored, and symbols, and slogans.

"You are loved."

"Kindness is the language all can hear and see!!"

"Crofton cares."

"School is cool together."

I hear that about 300 people went to the school on Mother's Day to fill the sidewalks with positive messages.  The group that put this together calls itself "Crofton is kind."  

Chalk the Walk

Kristen Caminiti organized the effort with the goal to send a message that his hatred is not acceptable and that "love, kindness and positivity will always win out."

"I think we accomplished that," she said after the event.

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