Friday, May 19, 2017

Postage due

Image result for cardinalThey say that when you see a cardinal outside your window, it's a way for someone gone to Heaven to get in touch with you and let you know all is well.

I happen to believe this is true, and someone whom we love and lost in life is always popping up in our lives. It's uncanny, but it happens, and we feel the love.

They also say that Facebook is better than any private detective, or even the FBI, at tracking down lost souls here on Earth.  I have to say that's true, and here's a good example.

Go back in time to May, 1945, when a woman named Virginia Christofferson sent a love letter to her husband Rolf, who was at the time serving in the Norwegian Navy. It was a sweet letter, one that any service person anywhere would love to have read. "I love you Rolf, as I love the warm sun," Mrs. Christoffersen wrote. "That is what you are to my life, the sun about which everything else revolves for me." 

Now go forward in time to this year, 2017. We don't know how it happened, but that letter, which was stamped and mailed and postmarked, turned up in an open space underneath a staircase in a house in Westfield, N.J.

The current occupant of the house is Melissa Fahy. She and her dad were doing some renovation and found the note. There seemed no better solution than to turn to Facebook to track down the Christoffersons, and within a few clicks, Rolf turned up via his son in California.
Image result for melissa fahy
Mr and Mrs Christofferson, back in the day

Mr Christofferson is 96 now, and his son read the letter to him. Virginia went home to be with the Lord six years ago this weekend, but, "In a way, I guess it's his wife coming back and making her memory alive again," as Melissa Fahy put it.

"It was really sweet to see that long-distance love," she said. And you can be sure that Mr C saw his love that night too, in a sweet dream of long ago and far, far away.

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