Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A book from the Bucket List

If you're still shopping for a Mother's Day gift, you don't have a lot of time to fool around.  The big day is Sunday.  And you know, Jared the Jeweler will have a line wrapped the store leading halfway back to Panera Bread, and people are having to park all the way down by Bloodbath and Beyond.

So don't do what you did last year and tell Mom you'll do a double gift on Memorial Day.  Here's the answer...and it's FREE!

If Mom likes reading hi-quality literature and grinding on fried chicken, Colonel Harland Sanders, leader of the Kentucky Fried Chicken Army, has a novella for Mom.

What, they didn't think she could handle an entire novel?

Image result for tender wings of desireThe novella is available for free download on Kindle, and it's called "Tender Wings Of Desire." Seriously. I know it sounds like one of those page-turners with Fabio on the cover, but this cover has ol' Harland himself, in a sleeveless blazer and the standard cornball string tie, holding a smitten kitten in his chiseled arms, and she is holding his drumstick, as it were.

One hundred KFC Facebook fans will get hard copies of the book and a free dinner.

And you say your Mom doesn't have a Kindle? Well then, for crying out loud, go buy her one, so she can partake in the literary event of the year, or decade!  

According to Amazon, the storyline of this masterwork has a woman named Lady Madeline Parker running away from Parker Manor and taking up with vagabond lover Col. Sanders and then having to choose between "a life of order and a man of passion."

Not only that, she has to choose between regular and extra-crispy. 

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