Thursday, March 30, 2017

Your choice

They call it "predictive text," and I call it "the reason people's texts say they will 'defiantly' be at the party Saturday night instead of saying they will 'definitely' be there."

The makers of your cell phones and iTablets etc have installed this technology to help you compose messages, but it backfires when, as in the "defiantly" example, the machine assumes more than it should.

And of course, the world is rife with examples of times when SpellCheckPlus let a word go, just because it's a real word and how is SCP supposed to know you meant to say you were looking to replace the brake pedal in your Biscayne, not the brake "peddle." 

And I was work-famous for a while the day I sent an email requesting help of a busy co-worker, and ended it by saying, "Thanks for any help you can offer. I know you are very busty."

And for the emotional among us, your computer is never going to tell you that "By the time the movie was over, I was BALLING" doesn't work as well as "I was BAWLING" would have.  IF that's what you meant; I don't know.

But life, and predictive text, also gives us choices, and one of them struck me the other morning as I was sending a birthday greeting on my Android phone.  I was telling the happy celebrant to have a terrific day, and when I had gotten t-e-r-r typed, I was given two choices:  "terrific" and "terrible."

Image result for pizza sausage anchoviesWe all know the difference between terrific (a fresh hot pizza with extra cheese, sausage and anchovies) and terrible (a frozen Celeste "pizza" that tastes like catsup on a cracker) is very little, but it's good to remember, the phone gives a chance to choose, and so does life itself!

Let's remember to choose terrific every time! 

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