Friday, March 31, 2017

I put a Dymo label on my Dymo Labelmaker

Image result for tomi lahrenI saw (and passed along) a meme the other day that showed brassy young rightwing spitfire yaketyyakker Tomi Lahren decrying the use of labels by using a label to describe herself.  

She certainly seems to like her gun. And legwarmers.

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I have read some of the things that Ms Lahren has said on television, and cannot find her worth a second read or listen. All I will say for her is that wisdom comes with age, and she is still young.

But I was wondering who gets to be called a "millennial". The good people over at Pew Research, demographers to the nation, put the population into four groups thusly:

  • The SILENT Generation (71-88 years of age)
  • The BABY BOOMER Generation (52-70 yoa)
  • GENERATION X (36-51 yoa)
  • MILLENNIALS (18-35 yoa)
Are there any questions from the audience?  Yes, in the back? Oh, people over 88 are still around.  I happen to know a person who is about to turn 104 and is thriving.  And I will add that I have spent plenty of time around people between 71-88, and "silence" is not a main component of their lives.  Just the amount of time they spend hollering encouragement at Judge Judy and racing to be in time for the Earlybird Special at the Chat 'n' Chew will tell you that.

And how about people between the age of 0 and 17? Yeah! How about them?  Where's their designation? I say let's call them The Virtual Reality Generation, because I feel sorry for the worldview they are getting from people who are supposed to be in dignified professions braying like carnival barkers.

And there are bound to be crossovers in all this. F'rinstance, Michael Phelps, 31 years old, has a baby son named Boomer, but don't call baby Boomer a Baby Boomer!

I feel sorry for millennials a lot of the time because they are the first generation to find themselves in a lifetime of debt for 4-6 years of advanced education. They are facing the reality of not having Social Security money left when they become old enough to file for it, because we Boomers are squeezing every nickel out of that piggybank. 

My free advice for them is to choose representatives, not from among the flashily-coiffed Tomis of the world, but from the nerds who wore those calculator watches in middle school and are now financial wizards.  The only thing they're busy labelling is boxes full of 50-dollar bills. 

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