Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Saturday Picture Show, March 25, 2017

American ingenuity at its finest is on display in our approach to homemade mailboxes.  The neighbors of this family can always tell people, "We're at 6344...when you see the crazy mailbox, we're right next door!"
We have adorable twins in our family, but they're fraternal. These quads have a lot in fact, everything. But I'm sure they all have their own personalities, goals, desires, dreams. I wonder if one of them gets a headache and the others get one too.
If I were the judge in this case, this fool would not be driving until after the Winter Olympics...of 2022. Not only is it bad enough that he or she is driving around with a pack of ice on the roof, roof that might easily come flying off at high speed, smashing windshields behind the car, but look at the windshield. Unbelievable. Unforgivable. 
Show me the best "cute animal*" picture you have, and I can top it with this zonked-out squirrel. (* cat pictures excluded.)
Take a little sidewalk foliage, and some chalk...and there you go!
If you're taking a straw poll...this one wins!
When I was a kid, we heard about polio, and we got our shots and sugar cubes and all that, but the horror stories about "don't get chilled" were even worse than "don't go swimming for half an hour after you eat."
It's interesting, the way birds raise their kids, until they determine it's time for them to fly away on their own. And you wonder if the kids ask every afternoon, "What's for dinner, Mom?" 

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