Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Saturday Picture Show, March 18, 2017

I have one of these - a bamboo cutting board cut in the shape of the state of Maryland - and it makes a great party piece! Fill it with cheese cubes, salami slices and fruit fritters, and when the food is gone, everyone can point to their hometown, which had been covered by a bit of Brie!
Our friends in the real estate game can call this one of those "Handyman fixer-uppers." A little work on the exterior, and you can be sure there's a lot to do on the interior, and some landscaping, and there's your dream country home!
I'll share this one with you today for those who just cannot live without their chocolate. It would make a nice wallpaper, unless your screen gets too hot. For all my poor food choices, I could live forever and never eat chocolate again! Mashed that's another story.
There was a movie theatre in Chicago that opened in the 1920s and closed some years ago in the 90s. As with many classic old movie houses, there's a movement to clean it up and reopen it as some kind of performance space.  A workman pried up a vent and found old candy packages, mostly from the 1940s.  What I notice is that a lot of the candies shown here still have more or less the same packages and logos today. Pass the Goobers!
This is the interior of a 1920 Bentley. Notice that the dashboard is a real board! Rolls-Royce and Bentley, the last I heard, still made a practice of keeping the rest of the wood they made a dashboard from; in case replacement parts were needed later, they'd be able to match the old and new exactly. It's not every car that can give the driver a splinter.
I saw this picture, I don't know where it is, but I do know I would not want to live there.
These old coins were found when they dug up an old road from the days of Romans living in what is now Israel. The stones are part of the road. The coins were actually found in an ancient cigarette machine.  This was just enough to buy a pack of Old Golds. All right, I made that up.
And speaking of old stuff from vending machines, how about this 1967 Coke ad, from the days of the checkerboard design on the can, and the pop top popper that came off entirely. People used to throw them down on the ground, to the consternation of people who used to walk around barefoot.

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