Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Saturday Picture Show, March 4, 2017

So we haven't had snow this winter in Baltimore.  As a public service, here's what it used to look like.  I'm getting desperate! 
 Donald Duck's nephews, Huey, Lewis, and the News.
Red sky in morning...sailor take warning.  Red sky at night...sailor's delight. Three water spouts in sky...don't go sailing.
The perfect throw rug when you want to throw people completely off their senses.
Oh, you may be cute.  Very cute.  But are porcupine cute?
A colorized version of an old picture of a country store in Virginia.
In California, the sun sets over the ocean, and twice a year, it lines up perfectly with this pier.
I say, we have to give nature a hand. This honeycomb was made by bees who have never studied geometry or construction or art, and yet it's an artful geometric construction!

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