Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Saturday Picture Show, July 2, 2016

For all you coffee's the roaster for your beans!
The kid behind the Queen, holding the train of her raiment...I don't know if he is one of her grandsons or some urchin who two days before was hanging around an English orphanage asking for another spoonful of porridge.  But hot a'mighty, what job he has to do!  He lets go, and it's all over!
So you buy a condo in a building where there's an abandoned elevator shaft.  And someone decided that would be a great place for the water closet.
Sea Foam!  What else is there to say?
167th in a series of really blown up pictures of everyday objects...I have tried every trick in the book.
This is true (no names) - when I worked at the A&P Supermarket, a medical professional who treated me and the entire family, and had done so for years, and who lived in a sizable mansion in the fashionable Brooklandville neighborhood, and who once treated me for free in exchange for my changing a flat tire on his aging Pontiac, would come to the store early in the morning to buy the day-old bread and dented cans of beans. Maybe that's how you get to be so doggone rich!
Fireworks in downtown Baltimore!  This time, they will be intentional. Monday, 7 PM.
When we say "snowball" in Baltimore, this is what we mean from June through September.  Crushed ice - not shaved - with simple syrups with fruit flavors, or chocolate, or egg custard, or root beer.  Or Bart Simpson, although I don't know what he tastes like.

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